About Our Team

The word Aristeia finds its origins in the Greek vocabulary and is defined as “a scene in the dramatic conventions of such works as the Iliad in which a hero in battle has his finest moments”. We are sure this will prompt a host of questions. Who is the hero? What is the fight about? And most importantly who decides what are his (could it be hers) finest moments? Also, would it be safe to say that someone here is Greek?

Well we hate to seem overly shallow but there are no Greeks here, and Doreen picked the name because a friend in LA had seen it on a shop and they both thought it sounded pretty.

Our group was founded by Doreen Lefferts in 2000 after working for furniture dealers in Connecticut a number of years (by Doreen’s accounting it was actually 80 years, but she is not old enough so we are pretty sure she is exaggerating). Tuohy, who was in need of a rep in the Connecticut area approached Doreen. In exploring the idea she discovered a handful of quality lines that also needed A&D focused representation. With very little fanfare except perhaps the pop of a cork on a bottle of wine and a name from California, Aristeia Inc was born.

From the earliest days we hoped that the thing that would define us beyond excellent products was a passion for designed interior, (and now exterior as well) spaces along with a commitment to really excellent service. Fast forward to 2006, (okay yes the same 2006 when the bottom fell out of the economy), it became equally obvious that the same approach might work in New York City. (no one will admit to having had the idea first at this point anyway).

Turns out that when you combine a an old carpet Regional VP with a medium age demountable wall/carpet sales guy and a designer you get a NYC rep group called Aristeia Metro.

We owe our humble beginnings to David Edward, Blueridge Carpet, Skyline Glass and Source International who were either desperate or inebriated when they decided to hire us. In all sincerity our hope has been to provide a short list of high quality non competing products, and to be both knowledgeable and consultative in our marketing efforts.

We’ll let you decide if we are on track, but through one of the roughest economic climates we are still here and getting bigger every year. We are enormously grateful to all that have helped us get this Company off the ground and to allow us to continue on this path.